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Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 Gold Detector Option 1

The Pioneer 505 is the professional's choice. Discover lost treasures! Search ghost towns, caves, parks, schoolyards, campsites... Even your own backyard! Precision target pinpointing with all metals mode. Deepest detection capability. Digital depth and target display. Continuous, variable target discrimination, and 5 modes of operation! A lot of detector for the money!

With many standard metal detectors, you spend time adjusting controls to get the best performance and, if the settings aren't right, you will definitely get bad results. The Pioneer 505 solves all this. Its automatic features let you just turn it on and immediately start hunting. And with the Pioneer 505, you get features few other detector offers - at a price that may surprise you.

Price: $499.95


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Automax V4 Pinpointer with Detector Purchase
 (Out of Stock)
This easy-to-use pinpointer saves you time as it locates the hard to find treasures. With an extra long and super sensitive 8.5" HP probe coil, you can clip this pinpointer to your belt and go! To use simply turn it on, scan, and pinpoint your target! Features include: Audio alert, visual flashing light, super vibrating handle and an adjustable knob for fine tuning.
Price: $70.00
Longer Stronger Probe with Detector Purchase
Longer than most probes. Not an ice pick or screwdriver that may scratch a coin. This probe is a full 7 Inch "cold-rolled" steel with burreled tip to reduce scratching valuable targets. Easy to grip 5.25 inch hardwood handle. Very strong steel probe able to work even in the most difficult soils. Total size - 12.5" to reach your deep targets. Well worth the price in reduced digging time - Probe first to locate your target.
Price: $14.95
8"x11.5" Sidekick Coin Pouch with Detector Purchase
Sidekick Recovery Pouch - for land and water 8"x 11.5", top opens 3". constructed of heavy vinyl with strong, durable side seams. Extra deep pocket with screen bottom lets sand - water & dirt sift thru leaving only recovered coins and valuables. Waist belt with quick release buckle fits all sizes. Velcro leg strap holds recovery pouch comfortably in place. This is our best seller!
Price: $15.95
Loop Support Bounty Hunter/Titan with Detector Purchase
Loop Support - No Tools Needed!A Must Have Accessory!

5-Position Loop Support attaches to your search coil to keep it at the exact angle you choose which results in deeper detection. Place the search coil directly on the ground and adjust the stem to a comfortable length so that when you stand with the detector at your side, the search coil is parallel with the ground. This is very important. The detector must now be swung in a half-circle in front of you keeping the search coil parallel to and about an inch above the ground.

Use All Of Your Coil Depth
When you set your detector down to recover a target, or when you bump on the ground, a tree or rock, you can easily alter the angle of the loop and lose depth. The LOOP SUPPORT will permanently keep the coil at the exact angle you have selected to keep the coil parallel tot the ground, resulting in a deeper detection pattern and more finds as illustrated in the diagram, A illustrates how much depth can be lost by even a slight angle of the coil, B shows proper detecting pattern with the loop support.
Price: $10.00
Minelab Detector Carry Bag (Fits All Current Minelab Detectors)
Made from an extra-strong very tough synthetic material that resists wear-and-tear yet is pliable enough to wrap itself around your metal detector within the protective cacoon of the nylon interior liner that is well padded for maximum protection. Length of 54 inches guarantees to accommodate any detector regardless of shaft size and with a width of 16 inches you can also carry even the larger sized searchcoils now available. Of course the full length rust resistant zipper opens fully for ease of putting in or removing your detector. You can carry this bag with a single handle or use the double handles with a unique padded gripper. Clip on the adjustable full length carrying strap to carry the bag over your shoulder and free your hands to use your metal detector if you will be walking long distances. Comes with a Bonus 10 x 12 inch zippered pocket to carry digging tools, small searchcoils, or to store your treasure finds. All have different Detector co. name on bag. Similar smaller bags are advertised elsewhere for $119.95.
Price: $60.00
Pro Series 9v Rechargeable Battery System with Two Batteries
The heart beat of your metal detector is the battery. Weather or not you have a rechargeable system or standard components, any detectorist must include this essential item in their treasure hunting arsenal. Having extra batteries with you can be the difference between a half day and a full day in the field.
Price: $29.95
Bounty Hunter 8" Spider Coil Cover (New Models)
NEW 8” coil cover - For models made after September 2009 Snaps on to Protect your expensive Search coil. Absorbs shocks and moisture static. No Need to Remove. Keeps Coil Clean and Scratch Free.
Price: $14.95
Bounty Hunter 4" Coil Cover All Models (Will Also Work With the Fisher F2 and F4)
Snaps on to Protect your expensive Search coil. Absorbs shocks and moisture static. No Need to Remove. Keeps Coil Clean and Scratch Free. DOES NOT REDUCE DETECTION DEPTH!
Price: $14.95
Hard Cap Gel Knee Pads
Why quit early because our knees are hurting? Now you can hunt all day! Easy on and off and designed to wear all day!. Anti-Compression GEL center for maximum cushion and extended life. Perforated neoprene lining wicks away moisture. Single neoprene strap fastens below knee for all day wear-ability.
Price: $19.95
Buried Treasures You Can Find by Robert F. Marx
Over 7500 locations in all 50 states!! Treasure is still being found today. From early Colonial treasures to Spanish treasure coins washed up on beaches, treasure caches of U.S. Silver Dollars and robbers loot of gold coins to single coins finds by metal detectorists valued from $3,000 to $35,000 (page 22), this book is loaded with places for you to hunt buried treasures. 365 pages with many color photos and important information on how YOU can find treasures.
Price: $14.95